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About Me Judy Kao

  • Licensed Acupuncturist MBAcC
  • Conscious Living Consultant
  • Certified Supercoherence Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Certified Zero Balancer
  • Biogeometrist
  • Monochrom Light and Sound Therapist 
  • Feng-shui Consultant
  • Geopathic Stress Consultant


I am the founder of The Connected Life, the secret to a Conscious, Natural and Radiant Life, the creator of the Cosmic Source Code system and author of “Sumptuous Delights, to love your life and enjoy your every bite”. I am also a seminar leader teaching seminars on how to live a Consious, Natrual and Radiant Life.

My journey as a Conscious living/Business coach started when I was twenty one. One late night, destiny brought me face to face with near death and to search for the meaning of life, freedom and happiness. I was involved in a fatal car accident that left me paralysed. This forced me into a journey within, to connect to the healing power within me and to reawake to the wonder of the unseen world that surrounds us. All the specialists had given up on me and pronounced that I would not walk for life. Then I met a Chinese doctor, who practiced acupuncture. This turning point set me free of the traditional framework of healing and onto a life long journey of energy healing and the human potential. This experience sowed a seed…

I was born in Taiwan. At the age of 12 I moved to the United States with my younger siblings, without my parents. This was a time of great challenge during which I laid the foundation of being able to live creatively and resourcefully ever since. After university, I worked as a Business Transformations specialist and Strategic Management Consultant for global fortune 500 companies. During my business career I lived in various countries in America, Asia and Europe. I gained extensive experience working with people. The seed sprouted through enabling and assisting individuals and businesses in connecting to their true nature and full potential. After being in the industry for 16 years, I thus decided to fully focus on my passion. 

The sprout that grew into my passion formed a tree with branches and leaves as I studied acupuncture for three years at the School of Five Element Acupuncture in London. Later, Zero Balancing, Supercoherence Coaching, Biogeometry, Monochromatic light therapy, Sound healing, Quantum nutrition and Geopathic stress harmonisation training propelled me deeper into the worlds of quantum physics and frequency based healing. I synthesised all my learnings into what works for me, and created the Cosmic Source Code System. 

During my last year of acupuncture study, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Another turning point that forced me deeper into the nature of healing. After nine years, I am happy to say that I am healthier and happier than I ever was before. I know my purpose in life is to be fully connected in my centre, be alive and radiant. To live in love, appreciation, and gratitude with all beings. And to inspire and help others to connect to the One within and live their full potential. 

Now my tree of passion is in full bloom. It is my delight to share the blossoms that flowered from these wonderful experiences, and to activate you to fully live in your true nature, your full potential, as a creator of your world.

Judy Kao - Tao Delight
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