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Conscious Living a way to live heaven on earth!

How to get out of perpetual patterns that do not serve you? How to live in greater harmony with yourself and others around you? How to lead a more peaceful, content and delightful life? How to come alive and live through the magnificent radiance of your soul? How to invoke heaven on earth in your private space?

Conscious living is the art and science of living from the heart. It is about taking self-responsibility in your actions, thoughts, feelings and filling your being with the radiance of your soul. Sogyal Rinpoche said: „Two people have been living in you all of your life. One is the ego: garrulous, demanding, hysterical and calculating. The other is your hidden spiritual being whose still voice of wisdom you have rarely attended to. “That is your soul. To bring forward this spiritual being, to enable that radiance to lead and be active in your way of life which is unique, full of talents, passions and purpose, I am available here at Tao Delight to guide you through using my unique systems. There are multiple ways of engagement to deliver the impact you are looking for in your life to come alive and live through the radiance of your soul. The following systems are effective, simple and fun to learn and use through private sessions, Skype sessions or/and workshops.

Judy Kao - Tao Delight
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