Tao Delight

Judy Kao - Tao Delight

Outer Oasis live in the Garden of Eden!

In addition to creating your inner sanctuary for your living environment, invite nature and nature elementals into your space to enhance and sustain the feeling of wellness, peace, and enjoyment. Create your Outer Oasis on your window sill, balcony, terrace or garden no matter how big or small the size is and bring in the vibration of harmony and beauty into your surroundings. When you have a bigger space, learn ways of self-sustaining through the Sepp Holzer permaculture method in growing your own food, creating ponds and lakes, and team up with nature to re-naturalize and enhance the landscapes in creating a garden of Eden.

To further enhance and increase the vitality of your environment and food crop, apply centering techniques to transmute and balance the earth energy such as the Benker, Hartmann, Curry global gridlines, underground water lines, fault lines, historical energies, etc. Learn designing principles to raise the land vibration and bring heaven onto earth.

Judy Kao - Tao Delight
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