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Services Conscious Living Consultation

Inner Sanctuary: Live your life full of harmony, peace, abundance, and good health. Vitalise your living space by clutter and space clearing. Activate centering quality (zero point) to create your sacred space of regeneration.

Consultation session: Dynamic one-on-one personal guidance to assist your realignment of your body, emotions, mind, and soul - back to harmony and integrated into ONE. This unique system synthesised the wisdom from Bio Geometry, Five Element Acupuncture, Matrix energetics, Soul Coaching, Super Coherence Return to Love tool, Zero Balancing and other energetic methods into an alchemical process that brings consciousness transformation with grace and ease. This realignment returns your energetic system to its source code. The source code of the universe and of the human is pure love - restoring you back to a pristine pure state of innocence, love, trust and truth – at the speed of light.

Sessions can be either in-practice or through distance consultation over the internet (e.g. Skype) or telephone.

Initial consultation: 367 Euros per 120 minutes
Follow-up sessions: 197 Euros per 60 minutes

On site service: Vitalise and activate centering quality (zero point) for your home or office by transmuting EMF, earth gridline radiations, and by land and space clearing. Use the principle of Feng-shui to create a living or working environment full of harmony and health enhancing quality.

Initial consultation based on floor plans and site photographs can be done remotely. Quotation for larger projects upon request.

Consulting rate: 250 Euros per 60 Minutes + travel costs

Products for transmutation charged separately.

Outer Oasis: Live in your Garden of Eden by inviting nature and nature elementals into your space to enhance and sustain the feeling of wellness, peace, and enjoyment. Create your Outer Oasis on your window sill, balcony, terrace or garden no matter how big or small the size is and bring in the vibration of harmony and beauty into your surroundings.

Design Service: Step-by-step do it yourself guideline includes design drawings of the location and instructions on how to build and install edible landscape activated with health enhancing vitality. Together with a how to guide on working with nature elementals and minerals kingdoms.

Depending on the size of the project, it maybe that a site visit is required to execute a proper design and installation guide, quotation for larger projects upon request.

Design rate: 250 Euros per 60 minutes + travel cost

Workshop: In additions to my consulting services, I teach workshops to give you the skills and empower you to create your own inner sanctuary and outer oasis!

Judy Kao - Tao Delight
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