Tao Delight

Judy Kao - Tao Delight

Sumptuous Delights a love affair with food!

I invite you to join me to fall deeply in love with food. You are a unique being and have specific needs for your body and soul to stay in balance, in vitality, and in health. Learn unique fun ways to awaken your senses and to connect with your inner nature. Allow these feelings to guide you on how to nurture your body and soul with the most appropriate food in each moment, and how to stay in tune with each season according to Mother Nature. Enjoy playing, fine tuning with this awareness to create sumptuous, mouth-watering bites that are uniquely yours and that keep you full of delights. Be deeply, deeply in love with the enjoyment of food that feeds both your body and soul! It is a sensuous journey to deeply nurture you.

Judy Kao - Tao Delight
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