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Testimonial for the treatment

“It’s through my husband that I first met Judy in November 2010. In October 2011 I went to have my first treatment with her.

Judy released physical as well as emotional and mental blocks. With her help I let go of old patterns and fears, so that I feel free, clean and clear inside. Judy’s treatment led me deeply into my inner self – to myself – to the one I truly am. She showed me breathing exercises and meditations to live in the HERE and NOW without judging. The exercises give me the feeling of lightness, joy, freedom. Physical ailments (tension, headache, blocks) have disappeared due to Judy’s treatment and even if ailments should appear, I have been shown by Judy how to consciously get rid of them again. Judy is for me a life coach who activates my self-healing powers and who supports and coaches me to live a life of freedom and without fears and with faith and love in myself. 

Testimonial for the workshop “Sumptuous Delights” 

“I attended this workshop with Judy in January 2013.

We were a small group and I felt the energy and the loving atmosphere. I learned breathing and meditation techniques in order to better feel my body and feel what it needs and what is good for it. Prior to the workshop I thought far too much about „the food. I had read a lot about the various diets and used to plan my meals with my head and not my feeling. I learned to turn off my mind and to completely feel my body – what I need in this moment, what is good for me. Judy taught me to perceive my feelings and to give my body what it needs, both physically and emotionally.

Since then I have had a different awareness for the food I eat and enjoy it with gratitude.” Christiane G.

I feel deep gratitude that I got to know Judy.” Christiane G.

“On recommendation of a very good friend I had my first treatment with Judy on November 1st in 2010.


In October 2009 I underwent a gallbladder surgery during which serious internal injuries were inflicted. A sphincter designed to protect the liver from bacteria and germs, was destroyed and could not be repaired nor replaced artificially. With the doctors’ statement „all is well“ I was released from the hospital. A few months later I was admitted with cholangitis to a special clinic. In order to expand the bile duct through a complicated surgery a Yamakawa drainage was inserted - one that should be replaced every 8 weeks with one of stronger diameter – for a whole year! The first replacement was not successful. The drainage could be drawn only with great difficulty and instead of a stronger, only a weaker Yamakawa drainage was inserted. Conventional medicine was helpless and could not help me - my liver was in great danger.

From this point on I put myself into Judy’s hands. Her examination gave me hope to become healthy in the foreseeable future. She treated my organs with a crystal, activated my self-healing powers and taught me with specific breathing exercises to expand my narrow bile duct in order to improve the flow of bile. Due to a change of diet recommended by Judy, my body detoxified and success came quickly. At the next scheduled replacement a twice as thick Yamakawa drainage could be inserted. With Judy’s guidance I was able to make my tissue more flexible and elastic. And in April 2011 – six months earlier than planned, I asked for the drainage to be removed completely, at my own risk and without any objection of the doctors, which went without any problems. By working with Judy my attitude towards my body, mind and soul has changed. She taught me to let go of old fears, rage and anger and to live a balanced, happy life and to accept myself just as I am right now. Due to this different attitude towards life and the awareness about what really matters in life, I found my center. I have become more balanced and relaxed. I’m fine and my new awareness has a positive impact on the whole family. Life has become worth living again and has reached a different – positive quality. I’m very happy and grateful to have met Judy and that I have been able, working with her as a coach, to get my life under control.

Judy is for me and my whole family „an angel on earth.” Jürgen G.

“Working with Judy is a delicate and wonderful experience. She is utmost careful with my body and meticulous with its energyfield. Though this seems soft, the result is powerful and immediate. I feel my entire system strengthening during and after the treatment. An experience that I can recommend by heart.”  Renate Dries, Holland.



Judy Kao - Tao Delight
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