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Judy Kao - Tao Delight

Workshops How to live more in harmony.

Sumptuous Delights - a love affair with food! & Vision 2013

This is an invitation to learn how to fall in love with food without guilt, intolerance, or calories counting! It is not a diet, as diets don't work and no system suits anyone! We are each unique individuals and require individual awareness to keep us vibrantly healthy, with clarity and most important of all, to keep us in love with food and life!

Conscious Living - The Cosmic Source Code

The Secret of Navigating in Multiple Dimensions for Advanced Healing

Would you like to know how to access the Cosmic Source Code that is the creative potential of the Source or what the Chinese called Tai Chi. From the center of potential 10,000 things are born through first the one, then the yin and yang, followed by the creative forces of the five elements.

This class is a key part of the Conscious Living Series of courses. In this class, I will be sharing publicly for the first time detailed information on how to find and apply any information you need within your own holographic energy field.

This class provides training in the hidden techniques used by great Spiritual Masters for Advanced Healing. You will learn how to activate your own personal ability to Co-Create with Higher Realms, and to Navigate through Higher Dimensions as easily as you can find your way in the phyiscal world.

Judy Kao - Tao Delight
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